Paarden gedichten

Oh you Thor,

even youre lighting is so bright

I'm not afraid of your thunder

Bucking and prance I will figth


Oh you Wodan,

Great God of nolache, life and death

I am not your horse Sleipnir.

I`m not eight legged, I don't regret


Oh great Ra

You heat me with ray of sunlight

That easy you change of form

That easy I can flee or fight


Oh you zeus

Watching my hooves touch dry ground

sending down the rain from the clouds

I love the way pour rain sound.


Oh Epona

My goddess, my mother my friend.

You protect us all over the world.

Thank you for the light that you send.


Meet me there, under green light,

where aurora borealis shines

so bright in the sky,

above the island

An Island that's mine!


Come with me, accept this dance

Up, Like the water out the geyser,

There, among the field

up thru that hill

There will I prance


search for strenght, follow the track

of steamed clouds from my shadow.

Walk over the ice

Of course it's smooth

but would not crack


Be brave and open your eyes

You'lll never know

along glacial rivers

How fast I'm tölting

if you have not tried


I let you be part of my herd

There where my heart and soul lie

spirit from the hills

the Icelands fire

that lights up my eyes


See you prance,

your agility.

When you accept me on your back,

I'll take my change!


Hear the sound,

your galloping hooves.

Threes shiver and ground vibrate.

I know you're around!


Feel warm wind,

Your nose touch my skin

Both exhale a greeting of love.

Finding peace of mind!


Getting speed,

Holding on your manes.

You always bring me home safely.

And that's all I need!

It will be freezing at night

But I don't really care

Sun is up now you see

Bright lights everywhere


Steamy air from my nose

a cold breed in the air

My hoof print put marks

in white snow everywhere


unshakable as the trees

And I m proud as the wind,

Just as strong as the ice

A really flexible mind!


This nature strength you will find

In a nature that's mine

So Just follow my track

eventually you`ll find


temperament of my spirit

Proudly and galloping

Nature is my mother

My goddess my everything


Look at me, I can run like a thousand miles

Lifting up my tail, mane wrapping in all kind of styles!


I run in the meadows, feel free like lightning

Proudly sniffing my nose, it’s the air of spring!


I challenge the darkness, dance in late red sun rays

Show you my pride in one of these days


We can work together, both differently

I’m nature, you’re nature

So one day, a team we can be!


See the colours of my soul

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

Where ever you left your footprint,

Hoofprints follow you!



I dare you, to follow me.

Run with me now


I'm chasing the windblows

I see them somehow


The wind is to colourize

The dreams you`ve forgot


Forgotten and buried

So come take a shot


I'm galloping, hold tight

I`ll bring you there


Feel my power, my strenght

With love I will share


But respect me, please see me

Thats exactly the key


a creation of nature

Thats what I always wil be


A connection for you`re soul

and mother nature


Love yourself, like me

Thats the answer!


Moonlight lights

my manes and my tail

Light fills in the darkness

so I can find my trail


My hooves hit rocky ground

steady I’ll find my way

To a foggy green meadow

where I can eat all day!


In the darkness I’ll see

you're dreaming of freedom

So if you trust me

follow me, come on


Please let me guide you

right through the night

Don't be afraid.

I care about you, I'm a knight


I`m a knight of the wind

A shadow in the darkness

A whisper of fog

Nothing more, nothing less


Don't fear the darkness

It’s the same as daylight

Just like the sun

the moon shines bright!


So figure it out

What the darkness got to tell you

I’ll be there by your side

because I know you're on mine to!

Black as the night

Strong as a the tornado

I`m your guiding light

Il take you years ago


There where we met

Thunder and lighting

The stronger it gets

Between, we are kiting


Hold on to my tail

I don`t want to lose you

Cause it`s a rough trail

Live really needs two


So never feel alone

I’m always there by your site

Just need to come home

Inside there shines the light


Feel free as the wind

Clime high to the highest heighted

Just clear up your mind

I’ll be your black guiding light